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  1. Ask for Identification

Beware of scams and people posing as utility workers. Always ask for identification. UGI meter readers, inspectors and service representatives routinely wear blue uniforms with a UGI logo and drive marked, numbered vehicles.

All service work is performed on a pre-scheduled basis, with the exception of leak and corrosion surveys, therefore UGI personnel will make an appointment with you before visiting your home. Meter reading is performed on a scheduled date, as noted on your monthly bill.

To be safe, ask for proper identification before allowing entrance to your home. Employees are required to carry photo ID cards and will be happy to present them to you upon request. If you are suspicious about a person’s ID or activities, do not allow that person into your home and call us at 800-276-2722 to verify the visit.

Routine Safety Inspections for UGI Gas Service Customers

Please be advised that throughout the year UGI service representatives may be in your neighborhood performing inside safety inspections. These safety inspections are not prearranged appointments. The inspections usually take 10-15 minutes and are performed on a one or three-year cycle based on the district in which you live. All service reps performing these inspections will have on UGI attire and have photo identification. Please ask to see ID before allowing anyone into your home. If you are not home when our service rep stops by your property, they will leave an orange door hanger. By calling the number on the door hanger, you will be able to set up an appointment at your convenience.

UGI ID Badge Example

All UGI employees are required to carry photo ID cards and will be happy to present them to you upon request.