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Water Heater & Appliance Safety

Pay Attention and Maintain Equipment Properly

  1. Natural Gas Safety
  2. Water Heater & Appliance Safety

Call UGI at 800-276-2722 from a safe location immediately if you smell or hear natural gas.

Remember, there is no charge to respond to and investigate a natural gas odor.

Whether you’re a natural gas or electric customer with UGI, you can make the most of energy convenience and comfort by following these common sense guidelines.

Water Heater Safety:

Ensuring your family’s safety at home is a priority for all of us. Setting your water heater to the proper temperature is one way to ensure your family’s safety. Your water heater should be turned down from 150°F to 120°F for safety and energy efficiency purposes. The chart below shows the impact of improperly set water heater temperatures.

Temperature of the Water Time to Cause a Bad Burn
150°F 2 seconds
140°F 6 seconds
125°F 2 minutes
120°F 10 minutes
Source: University of Michigan Health System

Appliance Safety:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding care and operation.
  • Equipment should be installed, repaired, and regularly serviced by an experienced professional.
  • A gas flame should be primarily blue. If it is yellow or orange, turn off the equipment and call for service (gas fireplaces are an exception).
  • Always make sure there is no gas buildup around a pilot or burner before relighting it.
  • Keep the flues of your gas appliances clean and properly vented. If you installed a gas conversion burner in the past year, be alert for soot and buildup from the previous fuel. A buildup could block the flue and chimney base.
  • Teach children to never turn on or light gas appliances.
  • Keep trash and other flammable materials away from natural gas appliances.
  • If you own an old gas appliance, you should have the appliance connectors checked by a qualified plumber, HVAC or appliance repair contractor. Do not attempt to move appliances to check the connectors yourself.