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Third Party Notifications

Get Help Remembering to Pay Your Bill

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  2. Third Party Notifications

To help avoid disconnection, select someone (or an agency) to receive past-due and shut-off notices for your UGI account.

Get help remembering to pay your bill

  • Choose anyone in the United States—a friend, relative or even a social service agency—to be contacted (by mail or phone) when past-due or shut-off notices appear on your account.
  • You and all third-party recipients must sign a form stating that you agree to the notification process.
  • The third party isn’t responsible for paying your bills. They can, however, remind you to pay your UGI bill.
  • Customers who are ill, elderly, handicapped, away from home for a long period, or just sometimes forget to pay their bills can benefit from this program.

Request Third Party Notification Application

Once UGI receives your request, we will email you the Third Party Notification application. Please fill it out and reply to email (customerservice@ugi.com) with a scanned copy or mail it to:

Attn: Customer Care, UGI Utilities, Inc., P.O. Box 13009, Reading, PA 19612-3009

Customers on a fixed income:

As a UGI residential customer, you may be eligible for the UGI Due Date Extension Program. This program allows you additional time to deposit your monthly check and have your gas or electric bill payment reach UGI in time to avoid late charges.

To apply, mail a copy of your social security award letter or other document proving your fixed income status to:

Attn: Customer Care
UGI Utilities, Inc.
P.O. Box 13009
Reading, PA 19612-3009

Note: Include your UGI account number on the copy of the fixed income status, so we can quickly process your application.