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Call 811 Before You Dig

Utility Line Safety

  1. Call 811 Before You Dig

Call 811 three days in advance of any digging project – it’s the law. Whether performing major excavation or minor landscaping, safeguard yourself from hazards related to damaging underground pipelines. It’s simple. A FREE call gets all of your public utility lines marked to help protect you from injury and costly property damage. If you plan to dig, call 811.

PA One Call (811)

Pennsylvania Law requires that PA One Call (dial 8-1-1) at least three business days in advance of ANY digging project, no matter if the project is as simple as planting shrubs and trees or installing a new mailbox post.

Underground power lines, communication cables, gas lines, water lines or other utilities may lie at various depths below the surface of your property or area of planned excavation. It is important to be safe before starting any digging or excavating by calling PA One Call and allowing time for utility companies to visit the area to mark the location of their underground facilities.

It is important to respect the marks indicating the presence of underground utilities. Excavation should be carefully performed only after confirming that all utilities have marked the location of their facilities. Remember that locating underground utility lines or facilities is not an exact science and location marks have varying degrees of required accuracy. These can range from 18 to 24 inches from the actual line or facility.

If a homeowner is doing the actual work, then it is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact PA One Call. However, if a homeowner has hired a contractor to do the work then the contractor is required to contact PA One Call.

Above-Ground Pipe Safety

Never hang anything on utility pipes. The added weight of wet or dry clothing can weaken or break pipe joints or fitting, resulting in a dangerous natural gas leak or exposing dangerous electric wires. In order to ensure the safety and soundness of pipes, periodically inspect for leaks, breaks, and corrosion.

Who Owns the Pipes or Wires?

Not all natural gas piping or electric lines serving you are owned and managed by UGI. UGI owns and is responsible for maintaining the pipes or lines that run up to the meter, as well as the utility meter itself.

All pipes or lines located beyond the meter must be maintained by the property owner. If you need assistance in locating, inspecting, or repairing lines, be sure to contact a qualified licensed contractor or UGI.

Plumbers –
Important Safety Message:

A blocked sewer line may be the result of another utility line (i.e. gas, electric, telecommunications, water) that has been bored through the sewer line. Please follow these precautionary measures we have outlined to help prevent accidents.

Some examples of projects that require a call to 811 include:

  • Installing deck or fence posts
  • Installing drainage pipes or swimming pools
  • Removing tree stumps
  • Digging trenches
  • Replacing driveways
  • Laying foundations
  • Planting
  • Installing a new mail post