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Cross Bore Bounty Hunter Program

  1. Cross Bore Bounty Hunter Program

UGI Utilities has developed a unique safety program called the Cross Bore Bounty Hunter Program to provide a potential $200 reward to those who reported a Cross Bore created by a UGI Gas or UGI Electric line installation. If you have reported a Cross Bore to PA One Call (by calling 811) and it involved a UGI facility, has been confirmed by a UGI Representative and safely mitigated, please fill out the form below:

If no, who did you contact? Please provide name and phone number:

Cross Bore Location Information

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If no, please complete the payee information below:

Payee Information

Leave blank if reporting party and payee information is the same.

For more information about UGI’s Cross Bore Bounty Hunter Program, email XBore@ugi.com OR call the UGI Customer Care Center: 800-276-2722.