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What to Expect from Infrastructure Projects in Your Community

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Maintaining the safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority throughout our infrastructure improvement projects. 

As part of this commitment to safety, affected property owners will receive advance notice before any work begins. In addition, residents may receive a personal visit from a UGI representative, who will provide an overview of the construction project and address concerns or questions from property owners.

Below is the step-by-step process for UGI’s infrastructure projects:

Coordination begins with local municipalities on construction projects. UGI makes every effort to try to get ahead of planned paving.

PA One calls are made and utilities are marked.

Construction starts on the gas mains and services.

To do work associated with the project, UGI may need access to your property. In cases where natural gas meters and regulators are located inside a home or property, the meters and regulators will need to be relocated to a position outside of building. Learn more about meter relocation.

Pavement, sidewalk and property restoration will occur when the project is complete. Due to weather and seasonal conditions beyond our control, full restoration of some properties may take time to complete. If you have specific questions regarding your property, you may request a UGI representative to contact you directly by calling 800-276-2722 or emailing constructionprojects@ugi.com.