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Natural Gas Innovation

Finding new and better ways to fuel your business

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Our goal is to go beyond the traditional utility model to implement new technologies in innovative ways. Using natural gas for your fleet, or to generate power, are just two ways you can use natural gas to improve efficiency and reduce your bottom line.

Two examples of innovative applications in use today:

Natural Gas Vehicle Fleets

Many large companies have realized the benefits of converting their fleet to natural gas, which is cleaner and more economical than other fuels. Learn more about using Compressed Natural Gas to fuel vehicles.

Combined Heat and Power

Did you know combining heat and power generation activity in one system can more than double your efficiency? Learn more, including who can benefit from Combined Heat and Power systems.

Read our Business Case Studies to see how other businesses are benefitting from natural gas innovation.

Two men standing by truck that is being pumped with natural gas
Natural Gas Vehicle Filling Station
CHP System
Combined Heating and Power System