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  1. Explore Assistance Programs

UGI is committed to helping customers who make a sincere effort to pay their bills. Our representatives can assist you by providing information on a variety of energy assistance programs, making referrals to local agencies, offering participation in fuel funds or establishing payment arrangements.

Use the chart below to determine if you’re eligible for our programs and which best apply to your situation.

First, calculate the weekly gross income (before taxes) for all members of your household. Then find the scenario that best describes your current situation, and determine if your weekly income for all members of your household is within program guidelines. If it is, see what action you should take to enroll in the program described. If you have more than four household members, see our Income Guidelines page.

Your Current Situation:

Eligible Gross (Before Taxes) Monthly Household Income**

Based on Number of Household Members

Take Action to:





You have no heat or an active termination notice.

Up to $1,699

Up to $2,289

Up to $2,879

Up to $3,469

Request LIHEAP Funds by visiting www.compass.state.pa.us or calling 800-UGI-WARM for an application.

You have high debt and can commit to a 3-year fixed amount that you pay on time to get forgiveness of some of the debt.*

Up to $1,823

Up to $2,465

Up to $3,108

Up to $3,750

Enroll in UGI’s Customer Assistance Program (CAP) by calling 800-UGI-WARM or completing our online form.*

You have a temporary hardship (loss of job, death of wage earner, sickness, etc.)

Up to $3,038

Up to $4,108

Up to $5,179

Up to $6,250

Request an Operation Share Grant by calling 800-UGI-WARM or completing our online form.**

Your home is cold and drafty and keeping thermostat set low does not result in lower energy bills.

Up to $2,430

Up to $3,287

Up to $4,143

Up to $5,000

Request information about the Low-Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) by calling 800-UGI-WARM or completing our online form.

Your current situation applies to more than one of the above programs listed above.

Up to $3,038

Up to $4,108

Up to $5,179

Up to $6,250

Call 800-UGI-WARM or complete our online form.

*If you are purchasing your natural gas from a third-party supplier, enrollment into the UGI Customer Assistance Program is currently not available.

If you are temporarily unable to pay your UGI bill, please contact the UGI Customer Information Center at 800-276-2722.

Hearing or vision impaired?

  • TDD Pennsylvania Relay Service is available by calling 800-654-5984.
  • Braille or large print bills available by calling 800-276-2722.

Income-Related Forms:

Medical Certificate Information:


If you currently have a valid Protection From Abuse order from a court, your service cannot be terminated during the winter without PUC permission. Some additional protections are available to you. Call 800-276-2722 immediately. (You will be required to provide us with a copy of the order.)